Issues with GLSL>ISF conversion ISF Editor 2.9.13


I’m getting this error for all ShaderToy URLs
MacBookPro14,3; Intel Core i7; 2.9 GHz; 16 GB; Radeon Pro 560; 4096 MB;
macOS 10.13.6 (17G13035)

I also discovered a bug when converting shaders from GLSLSandbox, the ISF Editor will crash if the word “uniforms” appears in comments of shaders which declare built in uniform variables in the code. Compare : - beachball :confused:
and - converts as expected :slight_smile:


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ISF Editor 2.9.13 has problems with shaders from glslsandbox

Same issue here, no way to download the Shadertoy files from ISFEditor. Halp! Anybody?