Issue between ISF website and Editor


I have an strange issue with some shaders I wrote, here is an example :

on the website editor the shader is rendering like it should be and this is the same code in Isf editor on my computer :

This is happening only on few shaders and I can understand why

any idea ? :slight_smile:



It looks like this in my browser:

I’ll see if anyone else knows what’s up.

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same here, but the capture I did in in ISF editor application.



I won’t have a good opportunity to test this in vdmx for awhile, but I did look at the shader code because I was curious if anything would pop out to me.

You might try changing your second definition (TAU) so that it doesn’t use “PI”; instead just replace that with the numeric value for PI that you have used for PI right above. It may be that in the app context which compiles the shader, that a definition cannot rely on previous definition.

The other thing that pops out to me is that some GPU have issues with using tangent in some contexts.

So, I would probably look at those two things in that order. May in fact be something different but I’d probably want to eliminate those as possibilities.

You may also try opening up Console app and seeing if any relevant info about shader execution gets printed when you attempt to run it.

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Thank you for your time
So I made the changes you suggest me,
But same result that beautiful but unexpected background glitch



Are you on an M1 mac? I’ve noticed some shaders have color noise when rendering on M1 macs.



I realized that I forgot to mentioned it
Yes m1x, it’s just happening in some, I was wondering if it could be a problem with opacity ?