ISFEditor no longer imports shaders from Shadertoy/GLSLSandbox



So, I follow the on-screen directions, copy the link, paste it in the box, and I get this error message:

"Error: download from URL “” is of wrong type”

I’ve already emailed once, and have posted several times on this very forum. I sure could use an answer, as this software really helps me get stuff done.

Please help not only me, but the others who are on the forum and are having the same issue.

On the Mac (see attached screenshot):



Use ISF Editor It still works for this.



There is just one shader that I’m really hungry for working on Big Sur, and it’s the Watercolor Smear by ‘plento’ on ShaderToy. It’s very unique in comparison to most smearing effects:

Thank you :slight_smile:




I’ve brought in the watercolor smear with ISF editor

I had to comment out these two lines to make it work.
gl_FragCoord.x += 0.25;
gl_FragCoord.y += 0.3;

There’s a lot of useful information in the ISF Shaders documentation: (1.5 KB)

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Thanks a ton! Happy to have the shader -

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FYI ISF Editor has been updated to 2.9.14 Check the auto updater.