ISF For Motion tutorial video refers to templates that are missing


The tutorial video is great but refers to templates that are missing or moved. For example Kaleidoscope is missing. I can only find a transition version of it. I’m aware the some templates may have been renamed, moved or removed since the video was made. I checked I had generated all the temples (or is that only for Final Cut Pro ?) and can see everything in the following folder where I found …


Is motion rejecting some shaders for some reason ? Yet if I load the final project example download from your page this shader DOES load. A bit confused to be honest.

Does that shader come preinstalled with VDMX?

Motion should see all the shaders in that folder, but it’s possible that some are not compatible with M1 mac’s.

You should still see it though, but the shader would produce a black image if it’s not working correctly.

I did find them all eventually and they all seem to be working.

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