Isf for motion problem

hi there-

i’ve been struggling with a problem related to isf for motion for a while. even though I’m using settings I believe to be correct in ISF for motion (HD resolution etc), when I try to use the plugins in fcpx, the output is confined to the bottom lefthand quarter of the screen, with the remaining quadrants consisting of pixel smearing. what should i do? (i would upload a screenshot, but discus keeps failing to process the upload lol)

ok, i’m going to try to post the screenshot again

A few Qs:

  1. Is it every ISF shader on your machine or only certain shaders?
  2. Apple Silicon (M1, M2) or Intel machine? If M1, are you running FCPX under Rosetta 2 or natively?
  3. What version os OSX?

I would send in a bug report to support @ vidvox and send your system specs.

I know some ISF shaders are not fully compatable with M1 macs. (that’s an apple thing)

thanks for the reply. to be honest, all of these shaders work fine in vdmx. it’s just final cut that has the problem. it appears to be all of them. I’m on an m1, using os x 13.2.1.

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