ISF for Motion and FCP X now available!


Hey everyone!

We just released a new tool that enables usage of our GLSL specification in Motion and FCP X.

If you like to make visuals with code, this is an interesting way to get a ‘hybrid’ workflow for creating motion graphics and editing video.

Read more in this blog post!



I’ve been posting some small examples of stuff made with ISF for Motion on our Instagram,
It’s actually inspired a few new generators and effects that will be included in future VDMX updates!

Quite a nice workflow, even if you don’t write your own GLSL code, you can pretty much just stack up generators and effects like you do in VDMX and render them out to make short loops. At $50 Motion is a pretty amazing deal too, especially for “casual” users that just want to make some clips every once and a while and can’t justify a subscription service…

Here are a couple of screen grabs of the projects behind those Instagram loops,



Here is a new tutorial on using ISF for Motion to create VJ loops for VDMX and other apps,



Quick question. Is the red X over ISF filters or media the watermark in question that will go away when you make the purchase? Just checking that things are working properly before I pull the trigger.




Yup! The watermark is removed after the purchase. The app store doesn’t allow for ‘demo mode’ products so literally the IAP is called ‘remove watermark’ in their system :slight_smile: