ISF for Jitter – Now available for beta testing!


Hey everyone!

For anyone out there using Jitter, we have just published the first beta release of our new package for working with ISF shaders in Max – this means you can use all of our standard generator and filters written for VDMX, or from the ISF sharing website, inside your patches without any extra conversions!

This project is FREE and OPEN SOURCE and is available for MAC and WINDOWS.

You can find the package download here:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Unzip, it will create a directory named “ISF”.
  2. Place this “ISF” directory in Max’s “Packages” directory:
    – macOS: ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages
    – Windows: :\Documents\Max 8\Packages

And for those interested, the codebase itself:

As always we love to get feedback, so please send us emails or use the GitHub issues to let us know how we can improve this!


ISF for Jitter – Now available for available in the Max package manager!

Amazing. This will be lots of fun.

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Minor update (0.6.0) now available from the GitHub release page.

Please let us know about any issues or suggestions, however minor they may seem, as we’d like to take care of them before we release a 1.0 to the official Max package repository!



Minor update (0.7.0) now available on GitHub release page.

Mostly this adds a handy bpatcher and javascript that can be used to automatically create interfaces for shaders when they are loaded,

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ISF for Jitter is amazing, thank you so much for your time and effort making this, and for making it open source! I can’t wait to begin using it in my workflow, and I’ve already started building my own patch with it.

I left a couple of issues open on GitHub. Is that your preferred place for requests, or should I post those here instead?



GitHub issues are great – also feel free to send us emails ( if you have any suggestions that don’t feel quite appropriate for there.

And awesome to hear you are digging the object so far, please do pass along any screenshots or whatever documentation / post a gig report from any projects you use it for, as we are very much curious to see how it fits into larger workflows.

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Another minor update to this now available on the GitHub release page,

A few minor fixes and the addition of a launch patch + some examples, including a demo of audio waveforms / FFT with ISF!



Awesome thanks David! :)



PS. This is now official – available in the Max package manager…