ISF Editor for Windows beta


Over the last several months we’ve been working on creating a cross platform version of the ISF Editor tool, and at this point it is far enough along that we’d love to have some help with beta testing!

You can find the first installers for Mac and Windows here:
(these include both the ISF Editor and the standard set of ISF compositions that we bundle with VDMX)

If you run into any bugs, crashes or other questions please either send us an email ( / or fill out an issue on GitHub ( describing how we can reproduce the problem.

Though there are some minor differences these apps were designed to be relatively close in parity with the existing ISF Editor release in terms of functionality and for the most part can be used interchangeably with the release.

One noteworthy difference is that in the preferences for the new releases there is an option to switch to using OpenGL 4 for development / rendering – if you are writing shaders for VDMX (and most other host apps), you’ll want to stick with OpenGL 2.

At this time there is one known issue with the Mac version, we are waiting on an update from Qt about this but you can read more about it here,
(if you run into this, just quit and relaunch the app and it should work as expected!)

And as a reminder we do love getting feedback, let us know how things go, whether good or bad!



Thanks for your work!



Hi! I have a couple of questions…

  • Have some errors in some files. Have a pop up window error which says
    “The JSON blob in this file is malformed”
    But the same file was working on version.
    So what’s wrong? Need to modify something?

-Where are the video source files located?

The editor looks much clean. Thanks

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Please send us any bug reports / suggestions by email!

In this case, include the shader where the JSON doesn’t parse the same.
(they should work just the same, but we’ve rewritten everything from scratch…)

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Thanks for all the suggestions and reports so far!

We’ve posted a minor update (2.9.8) which you can find on the releases page here,

The changes include:

  • added version to about window
  • the source code editor now displays errors for malformed JSON blobs
  • source code editor font size should respect the system zoom level for high-DPI displays on windows
  • went through and removed last few remaining references to the ‘Library’ from the Windows build (it referred to a path on Macs for anyone who was curious)
  • fixed a bug, converted shaders weren’t being written correctly on Windows
  • fixed a bug, OpenSSL libraries weren’t being packaged up with the Windows build, which resulted in an inability to contact shadertoy on many systems
  • bumped version number to 2.9.8- due to a Qt bug, version numbers have to be truncated to three groups of numbers


I have updated VDMX and the rest of addons. I cannot open ISF editor 2.9.11. in OSX High Sierra 10.13.6. In the previous version No standalon, not started correctly. Where should I send the report?



Our regular support email address is fine for any issues to report!



This is such an important tool. Thank you!

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