ISF Documentation draft


I’ve been working on some new documentation for ISF over the last few months, and I’d love to start getting some feedback from people on it.

The introduction page for the draft can be found here:

In includes an ISF Quickstart guide:
which is probably a good starting point for anyone getting started.

The main set of the text is the ISF Primer, which is structured more like a book that approaches teaching various concepts in GLSL and how they can be used for creating different kinds of ISF compositions that are useful for visual generators and FX:

Most of the code examples from the Quickstart and Primer can be found on the ISF sharing site here:

And finally it includes some reference pages for the spec itself, covering built-in variables, functions and JSON attributes,

There is still a lot more to do, such as adding in images and additional links to resources, but I figured it’d be great to get this out there as a resource and start getting some initial responses. Please let me know (privately or in this thread) if you find any parts to be incomplete, confusing, or if you have any other constructive ideas on how it can be improved.

Beyond that, please use this thread as a place to share your own thoughts on how people can get started with ISF, writing your own tutorials, screenshots of ISF in use, and sharing compositions that you think are good demonstrations of what is possible with GLSL.



Hi David - has the ISF quickstart guide moved ?



Oops, sorry, I made it private again while I make a few changes… I’ll share the link again when it is back online!



This is back up here: