Is VDMX ready for Big Sur?

Just wondering if there is any news on Big Sur compatibility? Should I hold off upgrading?

I’ve installed and tested VDMX on my second computer which is AMD CPU based hackintosh.
Overall, It runs smoothly but fails to recognize Vuo compositions.
I’m not sure if the problem is caused by my computer not being proper Macintosh system or whether it also occurs on real Mac.

It works! I recently tested it on a M1 mac and that worked great too.

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Could you send me your vuo composition?

Countdown_Gonu (3.7 KB)

It seems to be working for me. Is this what it should look like?

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Yes, thank you for testing it out. So I can confirm that the problem only occurs on AMD based machine.
Do you think you can test it on an Intel mac?

I’m on an Intel CPU mac with an AMD graphics card.

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That’s great! Thank you for the confirmation.

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