Is VDMX able to sell?

If I buy VDMX and can I let’s say after a month don not want it anymore.
Could someone else buy that VDMX from me?

The license is tied to your email address. In theory, you could sell your license to someone else you personally know, but they will be using your email address for the software, and if they ever run into any issues, they will have a difficult getting support from a license they didn’t purchase.

I don’t know of any other software out there that you can sell after you’ve purchased it.

Okey thanks that was helpful. Du you work at VDMX or are you an ordinary sort of user because it says Leader on you.


A bit of both, but I’m not speaking on behalf of VDMX in the previous post. You’d have to look at the license agreements, but it’s an odd question to ask being that you can’t really sell any software to someone else legitamately. Not since they got rid of CDs and DVD versions of the software.

Now everything is online shared, and I wouldn’t trust buying a VDMX license off eBay.

Not speaking specifically about VDMX but it’s more the norm that you can resell licensees to software than not. I’ve sold several. Just go to Knobcloud for example (I sold Pigments on there not too long ago).

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