Is NDI in VDMX using NDI HX (and/or could be a preference/setting?)


When using the NDI Output in VDMX, is that transmitting as NDI HX (High Efficiency)?

And if so, HX1 or HX2…?

If, or not if, could it be a preference/setting in the NDI plugin to set the codec compression algorithm/level? HX1, HX2 and SQ (low latency)

(I’m about to do a production where the amount of cameras are more important than the image quality so aim to keep bandwith as small as possible per device - for other productions, i’d then prefer SQ)

(According to my network monitor, VDMX uses ~3.5 Mb/s when streaming out a single 1080p NDI signal at ~25 fps, i’m suspecting it is HX but would like to know)

Edit: added explanation for SQ and reason for changing the codec.



Thanks GMM,

I’ll add this to the list of feature requests.



Thank you!

If possible would be great to know which encoding of NDI is VDMX using right now:

HX, HX2, SQ or something else?