iOS Audio In/Out While Using Device as a Live Camera in VDMX

Hello! Does anybody know of a good way to get audio in and out of an iOS device with Lightning port only while simultaneously using it as a live camera source?

I’m currently using up the Lightning port with the Apple TRRS dongle for my audio signal processing.

Does anybody know if the Lightning to TRRS+Lightning dongles made to use headphones while powering the device will allow the video signal to still go through the lightning port to VDMX?

Any other suggestions of ways to get low latency audio IO while being able to capture the device screen as a live camera in VDMX?


Hey zef,

I’m not offhand sure about your specific use case with the TRRS+Lightning dongles…

But I will point out when you do video capture from iOS devices in VDMX using the below technique, the audio is also available for play-through / analysis / etc, in case that is useful. I have not done any latency testing / comparison on this vs other techniques for audio capture.