Introduce yourself thread

If you’ve just joined and you aren’t sure where to start with your first post, try joining on to this one by introducing yourself!


I’m Dave Lublin – I am one of the lead developers on VDMX at VIDVOX.
I also handle a lot of the sales and support emails, social media and other random things here.

I live in Brooklyn, NY and enjoy cooking, hanging out in the park and seeing live concerts!

Sometimes I write about science fiction, odd art projects and other topics of interest on my personal blog here:


Hi I’m Dan Tombs and I’m a long time user of vidvox software, starting out with Grid in 2004 and still in the fold using VDMX for my work

I perform live visuals for a few British electronic musicians, Jon Hopkins, Gold Panda, James Holden and Blanck Mass to name a few current collaborations, VDMX is always the core of the show and continually amazes me what it can do

I have an interest in older / analogue video tech, video synthesis and weird formats and try and build this into the visuals I make for folks

I live in the UK in a city called Norwich, but often found out travelling and throwing pixels at clubs and festivals

you can check out some of my work and find me on twitter @dantombs Instagram @dantombsvideo and

Look forward to chatting video tech and VDMX with you all here and happy to share any useful tips I may have



Hi, I’m Michael Speechley and like Dan I’ve been using VDMX / Grid since 2004. I’m a jobbing VJ bashing out multi projector visuals for private clients generally in London somewhere. I also use VDMX for art projects and teaching. Always learning and forgetting how I did that as I go :-) Find me on Instagram @michael_speechley or Twitter @2bitpunk


Hi! I’m Joseph Fiola and do visuals as VJ Zef.
Originally from Winnipeg but based in Montreal since 2008.

I started using VDMX around 2007 when I realized pretty much any slider/button/etc can be mapped to any other. That blew me away. I would use it to modulate audio-reactive parameters in Ableton Live using VDMX’s audio analysis before I started using it for actual visuals.

I cut my teeth VJing in Montreal’s Satosphere (360º immersive dome) sending VDMX into Unity environments using Syphon.

As a beginner coder having played a bit with Processing, Cinder, etc… I’m interested in the Interactive Shader Format and am baby stepping my way into shaders. (I’ll check out those new ISF doc pages!)

I usually post my experiments on my twitter & website

Looking forward to talking projects and visuals with you all.



Hi, I’m Juanjo Fernánde Rivero Aka Gnomalab. I live in Terrassa, Barcelona (Spain) and work anywhere in the world.
I am a user and fan of VDMX since the beginning. And I like to share my knowledge and learn from others.

my website is in case you feel curious about my work.


Hey guys! I’m Colin Evoy Sebestyen, an artist, educator, and video nerd from San Francisco, CA. I’m currently the Motion Graphics Lead at the Academy of Art University, where I instruct courses in a Web Design + New Media department. I teach Web Tech, Interactive Media, Motion Graphics, and Concept/Design/Process for human centered design. I also set up curriculum and chair MFA reviews, help with budgets, sweep up, take out the trash, etc…

That’s during the day! Like many of you, at night I’m staring at beamers trying to illuminate the world, or at least the walls. I’ve created visual content for a bunch of musicians and done visuals for many artists. (Too many?). I help VIDVOX out every once in a while between semesters with guest posts and content to the VIDVOX blog, and I try to remain active in the community as much as I can as my time allows.

Check out some stuff I’ve made at and and

We all know VDMX is the best software there is! A Swiss Army knife for your visual brain!



I’m Blair Neal - my stuff is here:

Been doing visuals since about 2005. Started doing Max/MSP/Jitter visuals and music videos and stuff like that while in college. I interned at Vidvox in like…2008 I think? Mostly playing around with Quartz composer around then. Biggest group I’ve done work for has been Phantogram, but have also worked with The Album Leaf, Girl Talk (I honor but amazing role via Dave), Braids, Hooray For Earth, and others. My MFA thesis was on how visuals and music are performed together.

Not doing a lot of performing these days for whatever reason. I have moved mostly to writing about creative tech (click here for writings on things like projectors, alternative display, fireworks/pyrotechnics, AI, and visuals stuff in general) and doing a lot of similar work professionally at - I also use openFrameworks/C++ to make my own visuals and pipe them into VDMX.

I use VDMX all the time on the job - for installations and for proof of concept testing. Its a great tool for so many use cases!


Swiss Army Knife for your visuals brain is a great way to describe the tool :) nice one !