Instant looper / live video sampler



I would like to make a loop out of a live input. Anybody done this?
Hopefully it would work like this;
Select input
Hit button to record
Hit button to end record and instantly play this

Any help would be much appreciated :)

I’ve tried to do something with vuo, but my skills are not good enough :(



I sort of made it work using a step sequencer;

First step starts Movie recorder
Second step stops Movie recorder
Third step triggers first clip in media bin

But the the next time I do it the new clip becomes the second clip in the media bin :frowning:
Is it possible to auto sort the media bin; so the newest file comes first?

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Bangnoise made a sampler plugin in Quartz composer few years back. Perhaps you can play around with that:



Thanks man! I’ll play around with that!

I made it work in vdmx using a button and lfo. Making it press transpose down in the media bin before launching the clip. So the problem is solved, but I’m going to dig further into qc and vuo also :slight_smile:

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Hello - out of curiosity - what was your button + LFO solution? I was playing around with something similar, and struggling with the start/stop being only 1 button, not 2…



Hi there.
I think I made a control surface toggle button which control record on/off (toggle on rise and fall) and also controlled start of the LFO on rise.

There were also a soft button to control the transpose I think.

I have to dig up the project file and get back to you.


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Here’s my project with just the looper. It was later built into the full theatre performance, but you can play around with this. If you discover any things that makes it better, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing - I’ll have a play around with it!