Independent Media bins?


I am setting up a project with multiple output displays following David’s tutorial and when I create multiple Media bins (3, one for each display), the behaviour is identical in all of them.
Its to say, when I launch clip in first media bin, automatically its highlighted in another media bien (even though not displayed as its asigned to another preview window).
When I delete a clip in first Media bin, its automatically deleted from the other ones as well. Is this the default action? Could I have different clips in each media bins and shoot from one without affecting the others? Maybe, this is something very simple to do, I jjst can’t find out how.
Thank you for any help

Create separate pages in the media bin for each of your layers.

Thanks for your reply, but could you explain more to details? What do you mean by separate pages?
When I create new media bien it has all the clips and pages from the first media bin copied. Any new page I create is automatically created in the other media bin. I cannot separate these actions.
Thank you

Media is shared across all the bins. If you want three separate media bins that do not have identical clips. Create three separate pages and put the different media in different pages.

Then in the 3 different media bins, select the page the corresponds with your media bin.

From there, (assuming you will not be changing pages within the media bins themselves. Take the vertical separator bar, that separates the pages section from the media bin and look for the little indentation at the center. Drag that vertical bar all the way to the left, and now your media bins encompass the full window and will remain the your separate pages.

This is how you get three separate media bins with different clips.

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Ok, perfect, I understand. Have been able to reproduce it, thanks so much! Even though its not gonna work this way for me. I’m doing one hour Live with 13 tracks and around 6-8 clips for each track so I really need the page section there to know where I am as I move down from one track to another.
Probably can create 3 separate pages for each track and put the according clips in each bin, but will end up with 39 pages.
Thanks so much anyway, " Media is shared across all the bins" explains it all, a pity this is the default behaviour.

Or you could create three separate cue lists?

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right, but its a Live show so the gaps between the songs are not always the same so I couldnt asign the times correctly, probably better control it manually. Thanks for the tips!

You also have the “Workspace Inspector/Plugins/Media Bin #/Menus” options to manage access to layers and pages in each Media Bin. You can turn on/off layers and pages for each Media Bin.

Ok, thanks, will check that out

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A note or wish list item for Media Bin menus control – When you deselect (uncheck) layers the layer disappears from the dropdown list. But when you deselect pages they remain. Ideally the UI was consistent and the pages disappeared.