Incremental time with audio or beat

I am trying to integrate in my patches an incremental mode of advancement of film based on beat or audio analysis (not exactly scracthing) similar to this example,

but for me it does not work with Scracth (only if I do it with the mouse) The same result I have connected using the timeline of mov.

I remember that in previous versions if it worked using the Scratch mode. Has something changed? Any other idea of getting the fx?

I attached my example:
incremental time with audio or (2.5 MB)

using step sequencer or an edited lfo ?

with a simple LFO / Ramp, it works. The issue is that each video has a different duration. to work, Time (of LFO) has to last as long as the duration of the video. This is the theory, but for me, it does not just work with long videos. The jumps are very abrupt. Something I’m leaving. In the video that I set as an example, it does that by handling Scratch, not the time of the movie, but it seems that in later versions it only works with the mouse. not with external MIDI control.

can’t you set up markers on every video and then use step or lfo ?

Thanks for your answers. That’s a lot of work and it would be too mathematical and it’s not what I’m looking for. The idea of doing it with the audio is to be more dynamic, to advance more or less, according to the peaks.

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I can understand hope someone find the solution to your problem :)

If I understand the effect you want correctly, you might be able to use Tom’s Delay quartz composer patch.

I’ve used it as follows:

Enable Delay.qtz as FX on Layer
Enable a Clock plug-in. I set it to auto for Wave Clock beat detection, which is passable.
Map the Delay parameter on the fx to every beat or measure, as you like.

The effect buffers the video briefly then advances the buffer at every beat/measure. You can control the advance by limiting the delay parameter sliders.

Works well with Audio Analysis too.

I came across this trying to reproduce the old vdmx scratch behavior which I understand, from an archived forum post I’ll try to find, that the function of scratch had changed in later versions.

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Forgot to mention it works best for my taste, no to glitchy, with Use Datasource > Clock > Bars > 2 Bars (assuming beat matched or WaveClock).

I will try this. thanks for your answer