In Cue List, clips are greyed out


Having an issue with the Cue List when I am trying to use a cue to trigger a clip.
When I select a Layer as a target, then go to select my clip in Value, the “Page” is greyed out.



Hi, This is a bug that popped up in b8.7.2.9. Someone else rolled back to b8.7.2.7 to get it working again.

It’s a pain, but you could always build out your cue list in b8.7.2.7 and open that project in a newer version of VDMX. Just rename the VDMX application in your apps folder and it will install a new version along side.



Ah, thanks, good to know.
I realized a little later that “pages” was greyed out everywhere and I wasn’t able to add new ones either.
I have no problems downgrading to a previous version of VDMX…