In Cue List, clips are greyed out


Having an issue with the Cue List when I am trying to use a cue to trigger a clip.
When I select a Layer as a target, then go to select my clip in Value, the “Page” is greyed out.



Hi, This is a bug that popped up in b8.7.2.9. Someone else rolled back to b8.7.2.7 to get it working again.

It’s a pain, but you could always build out your cue list in b8.7.2.7 and open that project in a newer version of VDMX. Just rename the VDMX application in your apps folder and it will install a new version along side.



Ah, thanks, good to know.
I realized a little later that “pages” was greyed out everywhere and I wasn’t able to add new ones either.
I have no problems downgrading to a previous version of VDMX…



Did the downgrading work for you? I tried a lot of different versions, none seem to work, the page is still grayed out, no option to choose any clips. Defaults to Eject…



Someone else was using

to build out their cue list, and running it in a newer version.



It turned out that, for my specific purpose, it made more sense to trigger the clips directly rather than have them triggered in a cue list, so I never wound up downgrading…



Older versions dont work on my Monterey mac. I figured out I can try to drag the clips (first right click them to get them “white-color” selected, for some reason) to the cue list. Sometimes the cue list bugs out and doesn’t allow even click-and-dragging. After reporting these bugs, the devs just told to hang on tight til the next version. Hopefully it comes out soon <3

PS! If someone stumbles on this convo with the same worry, the clip option is grayed out, can’t drag and drop, and older versions don’t even launch, I’m also just planning to use the cue list to change the index which would trigger a clip in a certain media bin. Maybe that could be an option as well… Will try it soon.