In and out points behaviour


Hi there,

I recently updated VDMX from a fairly old version (can’t remember which build). So with the new version it looks like there is a bug in the behavior of in- and out points:

After setting a custom in point for a clip, the playback still starts at the beginning when the clip is triggered. After the clip played back it loops the customly set region correctly.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Thanks for help!



This sounds like you are using files which are not optimised for playback. I would recommend encoding to HAP or HAP Alpha using the free AVF Batch Converter included with the VDMX download or ffWorks ( which is a UI for FFmpeg (20€).

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Hi, thanks a lot for your reply!
Looks like it’s really the codec. Allthough I’m pretty sure that used to work just fine with Quicktime/PhotoJPEG in older versions of VDMX.



Yes, there was a change somewhere / sometime ago which affected playback. HAP is a great codec as you can get instant playback and smooth scrubbing. Also the free AVF Batch Converter can help migrate your files to HAP.

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HI, I have the exact same problem, I’ve tried to convert the files in all the formats suggested but it hasn’t solved it for me. The playback also acts a bit randomly, sometimes starting from the new “in point” I specified and most of the times restarting from the beginning of the video. Is there by any chance another solution that came up lately? Thank you for your help.



It sounds like your codec is off, can you share the video? All MP4 codecs must have a keyframe for every frame. Hap and Pro Res files should also work find just make sure the audio is encoded along with the video. Pass thru encoding of audio is not recommended (your basically saying, I want my video to only play smooth and audio can be a ? as to whether it plays in sync).



Hi, thak you for your answer. I don’t think it’s very useful to share one specific video, it happens in every format, even with the files I record with the Movie Recorder plugin or that I convert with AVF Converter. I tried to record/convert them with sound, same problem. I noticed now that sometimes double clicking instead of sigle clicking shows the first frame of the file and then it goes to the new “in point”. If you need any other information, please let me know.



To make sure it is not an isolated incident (on your computer only), you’ll have to share one or more of the files that are not working correctly for myself or someone else to test on our end. Maybe all of your files are not properly encoded. It’s impossible for me to say without a video to test. If you can share a screen capture of your VDMX setup and the issues you are having with video playback, that would give us an idea of what you’re dealing with.




I’ve done some other tests with just a basic new project and I discovered that if I pass from a HAP clip to another HAP clip it works correctly. All the other formats don’t work correctly and also when passing from a clip in another format to a HAP one it messes with the behaviour of the HAP. So all the files have to be in HAP apparently. I think I can live with that :-) Here are some of the files I’m using and a screen capture, I hope it helps:



Does this MP4 clip play correctly for you?



No, it doesn’t play correctly.



What are the specs of your computer / setup?



Hi, here are the specs of my Mac:



Strange, that should handle it. What version of VDMX are you running and are you using any other applications at the same time? Can you share your activity monitor Screenshot?

Also does your computer have and SSD on the main drive and are you making sure to run all your visuals off an external or separate drive from your main SSD drive? If you are using an external drive, please use BlackMagic disk speed test and post the results to that. Thanks.



I’m using Version b0. I moved the files to an external drive but it did not make any difference. I’ll send you a screen capture of the activity monitor and of the speed tests for the internal and external drives.



Looks like your external hard drive is USB 2.0 read/write speeds which is pretty poor performance, it may be decent for 1 video stream at a time. You’ll want a drive with double those speeds for mixing multiple HAP videos without performance issues. Can you share your memory tab and are you able to use the latest version of VDMX? By the looks of it your VDMX isn’t doing much if it is only showing 18% CPU usage. Can you please take screen shots of your activity monitor while running VDMX with multiple video streams playing?

Also please run EtreCheck and let me know what the results are. I want to rule out that it is not a hardware issue.