In and out points behaviour


Hi there,

I recently updated VDMX from a fairly old version (can’t remember which build). So with the new version it looks like there is a bug in the behavior of in- and out points:

After setting a custom in point for a clip, the playback still starts at the beginning when the clip is triggered. After the clip played back it loops the customly set region correctly.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Thanks for help!



This sounds like you are using files which are not optimised for playback. I would recommend encoding to HAP or HAP Alpha using the free AVF Batch Converter included with the VDMX download or ffWorks ( which is a UI for FFmpeg (20€).



Hi, thanks a lot for your reply!
Looks like it’s really the codec. Allthough I’m pretty sure that used to work just fine with Quicktime/PhotoJPEG in older versions of VDMX.



Yes, there was a change somewhere / sometime ago which affected playback. HAP is a great codec as you can get instant playback and smooth scrubbing. Also the free AVF Batch Converter can help migrate your files to HAP.