Import one project within another

Hi everyone.
Is there any way to import one VDMX project inside another VDMX project?

I have two different VDMX projects (with Vuo visuals) and I want to blend them together.
I want to avoid to just import the Vou files because in both projects all Vuo visuals have several parameters with MIDI mappings and audio-reactive stuff already defined.
Is there any way I can do that? or do I have to map everything again?

Thank you

Let me get back to you on that, but you could always duplicate your VDMX application and run two at a time, then copy and paste over the settings? (I think). Let me check. Maybe I’ve forgotten a way to do it.

You can copy your presets to a new project. Open 2 versions of VDMX )You will need to make a copy of the app in your applications folder. Then with both projects open you can go to thepPresets tab in the workspace inspector and start copy and pasting between projects using the copy and paste buttons in the presets tab.

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