Import from ShaderToy no longer works - Mac OS X 10.15.6


Find any shader that I enjoy on ShaderToy (or GLSL Sandbox), select the Import from ShaderToy (or…), and I continually get this error message:

Error: download from URL “” is of wrong type

I’m on the latest version of ISFEditor for Mac OS X. No updates available, currently. Sure would love to be able to download and convert these shaders to something useable!

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I submitted a bug report for the same problem a few days ago

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Great! I do enjoy being able to import shaders for my various visual tools. Magic Music Visuals has an online converter for now - just convert and save as a .fs file:

Maybe good enough for the meantime.



Great thanks. Did not know about that product will check it out.



Same error message on Windows 10. No difference when I tried going back a few versions (from ISFEditor to

Magic’s online converter managed to convert the shader I was interested in (although those with buffers often don’t work). I then used ISFEditor to add the extra features I wanted.



Got the same… and I thought it was just the shader I was trying to import that had some ‘wrong type’ problem, lol.