Implementation of Pioneer ShowKontrol?

Hi Team,

Just wanted to ask if there was any planned support for Pioneer ShowKontrol in future updates ? or if indeed it’s even possible.
More shows I’m working on are using it to have lighting effects synced and I am being asked if can have videos pre edited to certain tracks the DJ will play in the set so can achieve a flexible and accurate system running.

I have a license of Resolume as well, and so can have the ShowKontrol clips in there and then Syphon to VDMX which will work fine for now, but be nicer if licensing or API obstacles aren’t too tricky ?



It’s possible. We put it on the “feature request” list a little while back. It’s actually Pioneer DJ Link Bridge (if I’m correct). ShowKontrol is a separate company and software?


Been meaning to test the Pioneer Bridge but waiting for the new labs to open at Point Blank, London. Should get some time with the CDJ-3000s next term.

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Hi, this is great news !

Glad its on the feature request list, will educate myself on the difference between the two platforms and work out which is commonly needed :)