Image Fader

I’m trying to figure out a image-transition set-up with JPGs for VJing or installation. Im still struggling to find a cool, automated way to fade in between images. Maybe you like to see my approach in this project and you have some advice how to eliminate that hard cuts while fading.

here is the project:


Here is a quick technique that uses an LFO along with a the VVMotionBlur FX.

Basically it ramps up the motion blur so that it is holding on a frame, (2.0 MB)


this is exactly, what I was looking for, thank you!

Great! Thanks for this solution!
One more question:
is there an idea how to fade in when triggering stills or movies manually by clicking in teh media bin or by automated way on the movies end …???

There are a bunch of ways to go about it; one of the things about VDMX is that it sorta depends on exactly what you are trying to accomplish overall.

Here is a slightly more advanced example that uses a Two Channel Mixer along with the “cycle” mode in the Media Bin. Note that I use the option to limit the cycling to two layers, adding a third overlay layer that is skipped by the bin. (28.3 KB)

But if you wanted to further adapt the basic example I posted previously, you might be able to use the data-sources that are published by media bins as each clip is triggered (ie the normalized trigger index and the trigger index)
(when doing fades between still images on a single layer you can just use the vvmotionblur FX with a setting of like 0.98 and you’ll get slow fades, the trick from my LFO example is just nice because it can be used at a variable rate and trigger the bin next button automatically in the process)


thank you david !!!

ME TOO! <333 Thank u David!