If I purchase a license, is there a way to save my currently opened project without having to close it and lose my work?

Hi, I have spent some time learning VDMX using the demo version, and now I am ready to purchase it. However I put alot of work into my currently opened project, and I do not want to lose my work.

Once I purchase it, is there a way to unlock the saving feature without having to close it (lose my work) and reopen it?

Sorry, the authorization panel in VDMX only shows up on launch… I sent you a private message with a useful little tip that might help for this particular case.

PS – For anyone who stumbles into this thread with the same question in the future, basically I suggested that he send us a bug report from the Help menu. This lets you include the current workspace as project file to send to us, and I just sent it back to him :sweat_smile: