I want to control loop lengt with a knob and be able to scratch that loop length

hi everyone
im just starting with vdmx but used to use grid pro and i was able to set the lenght of the loop to mach the beat and then i was able to scrub or scratch that loop lenght with a fader to different times in the video
does anybody how to do that in vdmx

I saw your other post and it seems like they are related.

You need two “sources” (midi controllers)

  1. control your in and out points.
  2. control your length (offset)

Detect the position slider to controller.#1.
Set it to MIN
Click plus to add another receiver
Detect again to controller #1
Set to MAX

Select the MAX receiver
add a FX chain -> offset
Click the offset slider
Click detect and move controler#2
You probably want to set the MIN on your offset to 0 and not -1

Your controller#1 will move both the IN/OUT at the same time. The OUT will be offset by the value you set with controller#2

This is not perfect because if you push your IN too far… your OUT will max out and you loose your loop length. I tried it using OFFSet & wrap but the timeline doesn’t work with a MAX that’s greater than its MIN

Also probably not the best performance wise

I’ll try and follow your instructions will let you know thanks for the reply

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