I looking for help to glsl-codeing for my 2end Edition of "50 Shades of ISF for resolume" Project Mi

Hi 5 :person_raising_hand: dear VIDVOX-Members and Forumusers

My 1.th “ISF-Project” for Resolume-Arena were very well received by the video art community. So I was allowed to send the link to the installation file on Googledrive over 600 times around the world after successful verification of the requesters.
My project website (blog post), which is rather hidden on the internet, has now received almost 1000 hits and I have also seen lively interest on VJun.io, the Resolumeblog, Flickr or the Xiaomi-Community as well as elsewhere.

50 Shade’s of ISF for resolume

78 Free Plugins for Resolume-Arena with some unprecedented featchers!

But actually I’m also looking for support for my 2nd edition of free (CC) arena plugins based on fragment shaders. This is because I don’t know GLSL or C myself and when I import very cool Shadertoys using the free “ISF Desktop Editor from VIDVOX” to transfer them to Wire, all “Inputs” are missing, which doesn’t result in very interesting plugins. So I’m looking for a GLSL coder who would support me in my project free of charge. I would like to publish the 2nd edition for Black Friday/Thanksgiving on November 23rd, 2023. I find Shadertoy’s particularly interesting when they contain 3D fractals. And there “Inputs” should be created for the 3D fractal formulas (Mandelbulber) like other useful “Inputs”. But actually many of the “shaders of the week” on Shadertoy are very interesting, I was able to transfer some to the ISF desktop editor but they don’t work on the web (missing header adjustments, see my ISF profile - and copy it into the desktop editor and they work there). I imagine around 4-8 (max. 10) “Inputs” per shader. The “Inputs” serve me to expose them in Resolume-Wire so that after compiling them to Arena Plugins, they are accessible there as options and can be freely adjusted, animated or linked to audio.
I find many more completely new and current fragment shaders in the Shadertoy database than on the ISF website and that’s why I definitely want to include 20 Shadertoys in my 2nd edition in addition to regular 30-40 ISFs.
Of course, all participants will be named (credits) and or will receive a short portrait in the associated project PDF. And of course I recommend creating a profile on the ISF website and making all this codes available to everyone there. Which license is used there doesn’t affect me, in the final version of my Arena plugin the code is no longer direct available (for copy&past) and the entire project will, as before, be under a CC license without commercial use.

& I can also offer my guest room with an Win i9 4090 RTX computer, WIFI and shared use of the kitchen and bathroom including meals in the foothills of the Swiss-Alps (1 hour from Zurich) for about 1 week as a project workshop place, as a small consideration, and so on I can also introduce some very active and interesting people from the Swiss VJ scene in Zurich upon request.

I would be very happy about any help with INPUT coding and hope for positive feedback from you, or from your circles, and followers or generous friends of yours.

With a friendly hug bennoH. :panda_face:

Switzerland / Europe / Earth

in the same Milky Way as you


[ISF.video] my ISF-profil




& by the way:

Don’t forgeht to DL “SMODE Community”, Tooll3 (V 3.71) & Cavalry as free RealtimeVideoWorkTools up to K1 or more!



moast of this inputs are from: http://vjun.io/

I bennoH. highly recommend learning SMODE & Tooll3 for real-time video work.