How to use Monterey 12 without uninstalling ventura

Hi there, i have a project that worked great on Monterey and would like to still be able to use it. Is there a way i can boot up monetary sometimes and use ventura for my normal day to day stuff. Essentially, i would like the option to start up my mac and choose which os is running. Hope this makes sense and if you have any questions please let me know

Might be possible, I’ve never tried personally. I can see how it would be useful though if you have spare drive space.

You could put a bootable (or multiple) bootable versions of OSX on an external drive and boot from there.

You’ll see a speed reduction, and should run the OS drive off an SSD, but it can be done.

Unfortunately, I don’t know why everyone is so quick to upgrade to Ventura, it still has a lot of bugs (imho) (and will for some time if they move as slow as they did with Monterey to fix the bugs).

pro tip as i fight to remove my apple id from my old os install.

mac os doesnt like having multiple versions of the os on the same computer singed into apple id / icloud.

just breaks everything

That’s a bummer. Do you have to sign into icloud on your second account?

sorry, was a bit frustrated w dumb apple issues.

I was just letting others know - if you install a 2nd os, not to sign into apple id/icloud.
I was trying to stay signed in on one os and sign out on the other, but cant fully sign out from all the apple services.