How to snap to a mark using a slider from a contro lsurface mapped to a midi controller fader?


am trying to make a color selection overlay for visuals. so that i can hit a few keys and turn off the marks certain colors.
i have a desaturated video and a color layer multiplied into it as well as a hue adjust with slider marks evenly distributed to roygbiv.
i can click and drag the sliders to snap them but i cannot get them to snap when i use a midi fader and i would liek them to transition to the new mark slowly.
so i would have roygbiv keys and if i have R,G,B, highlighted the slider will snap to only those. but i want it to somehow smoothly transition between them as they are all on the same slider.

is this possible inside vdmx. if so how would you make this and do you have any examples. this is frying my noodle



My first guess was: Use the smoothing in the UI inspector (Opts)

Just tried it and it seems to be doing what you want?

What are roygbiv keys?

Edit: Ah… red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet :slight_smile: