How to reference output sound with soundflower or multi-output device?


Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the previous version of Soundflower, which would allow me to change the soundflower output -> build in output. So I could reference the sound going into VDMX and record videos while listening to the sound. Right now, I have to record audio in ableton and record the video in VDMX. Not ideal!

I tried to create a multi-output device, but I can’t capture that sound within VDMX. It only allows for soundflower or microphone input.

Anyone have ideas?




Maybe this helps? Not as happy as with Soundflower though.


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Gamechanger! Thank you! So I created a multi-ouput device again replacing soundflower with blackhole and now it’s up and running. :)

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Another alternative is iShowU Audio Capture. I’m using this with a Multi-Output Device and it’s working well.