How to OSC Multicast/Unicast?

Hello All!
I have a project I am trying to setup - let me see if I can explain it correctly.

Basically I’m wanting to do with OSC what “unicast” does for Artnet - send OSC indiscriminately to my whole network

The setup -
One “brain” machine using VDMX outputting to a projector.
In VDMX I have a Control Panel where I have buttons set up to control videos locally and also send out OSC messages to my “drone” computers
This machine is connected via ethernet to a Wireless router. (no connection to internet)

Connected wirelessly to the same router are several “drone” computers, two running VDMX and several others with Max patches, all listening out for OSC commands from the brain. Other machines will come in and out of the network depending on show days…

Is there any way to tell VDMX to “unicast” my OSC to any/all machines connected to the wireless router without having to set up a seperate OSC send to each individual IP address?

I think that makes sense… What say you VDMX’ers?
thanks much for your time

EDIT - for those interested in such - I think I found it -

All you gotta do is broadcast to
(something deep in my head remembered hearing that IP as the “send to everyone address”) I do not understand the “why” but is working dandy now…

I don’t have to tell the brain any receiving drone IP addresses, just have the recieving machines set to the correct port and connected to the wireless router
: )

Will test with more than one slave tomorrow