How to make midi triggers igonre repeat notes

I am using a sensor to trigger a clip via Arduino. I want the clip to only play when it receives the first midi note (C1). I don’t want the clip to re-triggers with repeated notes. I want the clip to play through to the end ignoring any other midi notes until it finishes playing. Like single shot!!
Anyway to do this?

There are a few ways you can go about setting this up depending on the specific sort of behavior that you want, however there is one detail that I’m not quite clear from your description though – are you only sending the MIDI note C1, or are you sending several MIDI notes, each of which should trigger a particular clip.

It sounds like you may just need a few notes and tips to help you get started around with figuring out the specifics for yourself!

  1. For each trigger receiver in a media bin, you can use the UI Inspector to specify that repeats should be ignored; in this case you may need to send ‘note offs’ to get a proper behavior for your particular needs? Tough to say without knowing exactly how your Arduinio sensor is sending these notes. Similarly you may want to try the setting to toggle instead of following the vals, again you may need to be sending note offs for this.

  2. Another route is to use a Control Surface UI item such as a slider (with mark values) or a pop-up menu, such as in this screenshot set, and then use the ‘trigger by index’ or ‘trigger by float’ option for the Media Bin.

There are probably some other ways you can go about this if that doesn’t quite fit for your needs.