How to fix video getting dark after adding many effects?

The more effects I pile onto a video, the darker it gets, to the point of it eventually being completely black. So to counter that, I have to change the brightness settings, but it still doesn’t look the same. Does anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?

Hmm, that shouldn’t be the case, unless the particular FX themselves happen to decrease the brightness as part of their process. We’ve definitely run into some odd edge cases with the way that alpha channels are applied, particularly with certain blend modes / groupings, so feel free to either post a simple example or send us a bug report (from the Help menu) that demonstrates what you are seeing?

For example, in this case I quickly just inverted an image several times (an even number) such that the final result was the same as the original. I then used a second layer that used the same original, and use the Difference blend mode – the output was completely black because the images were exactly the same.

Hi - i find blur FXs can make things dark (probably with alpha) I use the exposure adjust FX to correct it.
Find this exposure FX useful at a master level to insure output is nice and bright, especially for projection. Also enjoy ramping it up sometimes to overdrive the output.