How to create Effect Presets


Hello All,
Great to be part of this community - I’m just getting to grips with VMDX and there’s so much creative potential - love it!

At the minute, I’m building a workflow - specifically with effects for each layer. I was wondering, is it possible to create ‘groups of effects’ that work well together in one panel - for each layer - so ideally several pages of effects that I can launch or switch to easily in performance. Is this feature possible?

I can see there are numbers above the effect panels that look like presets, however not sure how this functions as its difficult to select individual numbers and customise each ‘preset’ - it seems this is more for linking chains of effects together?

Thanks for any insight into this…appreciate it!


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I’m not sure if there’s a better way but I’m using Workspace Presets for this kinda thing. I switch presets as I progress through the performance which enables or disabled certain layers and fx modules:

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Awesome - thanks alot for your reply - this is the sort of thing I was after. I’ll get my head around this now. Cheers!