How do i map a live camera to a button?


i want to play dad clip with that button



There are a couple ways you can do it.

If you right click in the media bin, select “Add Clips From Build In Sources”> Live Inputs > (select your camera). This will add your camera to the media bin, which you can trigger in various ways ( midi, osc, keyboard) . More on the media bin and assigning shortcuts here:

Another way would be to create a new layer that has the live camera input always selected, and map a button to turn the layer on or off.

Another way could be to create a cue in the cue list and have a button trigger that. You can do this with multiple cameras, or even use the step sequencer to trigger clips manually. (

Let me know if this helps.




thanks for the reply i’ll do that and let you know
thanks again



cant find what the tutorials are showing maybe they are old
the qwerty isn’t working either to triguer the camera with a button



Are you able to view this link? It’s a written tutorial for the media bin and how to enable triggering clips by hitting keys or buttons. Please see step 4.

You will need to select the media bin in the workspace manager to bring up the popup to add key triggering to the media bin. It will not be clip specific, but will apply globally to every page in the media bin.

The step sequencer video tutorial on vimeo can also be found here:

And the cue list method can be learned about in this tutorial:

Please make sure you have adblockers disabled if you are trying to view the tutorial pages. There are no adds, but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t see the vimeo videos on some of them.



sorry i didnt explain my self well
i can see the links and saw the tutorials and followd step 4 but when i do i dont see media bin as an option in the work space manager



Hmm. Can you post a screenshot?

If you don’t see the media bin in the plugins section, then you’ll want to click the + icon and add a media bin.



FOUND IT but it just maps the position in the page not the individual camera i still have to change the pages manually, thanks for the help though

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