How do I have two popup button items activate the same receiver

Hello everyone! I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with VDMX, but I have been confused by a couple of things and thought maybe someone on the forum could help me.
I am currently building out my button layout so that I have a single pop-up button to activate pages on separate media bins onto two separate layers! Very cool! Now my question is, when if I have three different Items in a single popup button, can I have two of those items activate a single page?
When I look at the UI inspector for the media page pop up, I noticed there is only the option to have one source per page.
I would like to have my popup button function like this:
Item 1- Layer 1 Page A, Layer 2 PAGE A
Item 2- Layer 1 Page B, Layer 2 Page A
Item 3- Layer 1 Page C, Layer 2 Page B

Is there something extremely basic I’m missing here? Apologize if this question has been asked before.


I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, you can use two media bins, one for each layer, then trigger your page settings however, but when you select a clip from a bin it will trigger on your desired layer.

Does that help?

Thanks for Your answer! Let me see if I can make my question a little more clear using images.
So I built a pop up button via a control surface with three different options:

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 3.03.47 PM
Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 3.04.02 PM

The reason I did that is that I have two sets of clips on two different layers that are being activated from different media pages at the same time, that way I can easily toggle through changing both layer subjects without having to manually change the pages one at a time:

So now in my pop up inspector for my “Dancer 1” the “subject” pop up button from my control surface now activates different subjects based on three different options:

But on the “Portrait Side” I want to be able to switch between two different pages between three different buttons, but when I pull up the UI inspector for the page selector, so that “FKA Dancer” and “FKA Kung Fu” BOTH activate the FKA Twigs portrait page. Right now I only have the option to have one receiver per page:

So my question more generally is, how do I have two popup button items activate one receiver? Do I have to duplicate the page in order for this to work?

Thanks so much for the support!

Are you familiar with presets? Because you don’t seem to be using them in your screenshots.

All of your toggle buttons could trigger different groups or presets. You could even send local OSC out, and copy/paste the address to trigger various presets and value changes. Any plugin with those notches at the top can hold a preset, and you could have as many as you want. (this includes the media bins)

Hi yes! I use a lot of presets elsewhere, but I tend to find that they often clog up the UI. Thanks for your insight!

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