How can I connect DMX5 to my DMX lighting fixture?

How can I connect DMX5 to my DMX lighting fixture?

  1. I am experiencing trouble trying to connect my MacBook to a DMX lighting fixture using VDMX5.
  2. I just bought an “ENTTEC DMX USB Pro” lighting interface, as used in the VDMX5 tutorial attached (below). However I am unable to locate my lighting fixture in my Preferences: DMX section using this device.

Example: Link to VDMX5 to DMX lighting tutorial in wich ENTTEC is used:

Computer: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)
OS: 10.13.6
Lighting Interface: ENTTEC DMX USB Pro
Fixture: Chauvet Can RGB slimPAR


i was thinking to buy the version with the VST plug in
hope you find a solution :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe VDMX5 works with USB to DMX devices at all, and only works with ArtNet network devices. The DMX interface in the video (ENTTEC ODE) connects over an ethernet network using ArtNet.

It’s possible to translate from ArtNet to USB-DMX on your Mac, but it’s not always perfect. For example, here is an example of QLC+ taking ArtNet from VDMX and outputting it to a USB-DMX device that works like your ENTTEC DMX USB Pro:

The best option is to use an ArtNet device on a dedicated network – but if you’re like me we sometimes don’t have the time or the equipment to do everything perfectly to specification :slight_smile: I hope this helps explain the problem and gives you a direction to start working with your DMX light.


Thank you, yes.

The problem was corrected by switching to an ENTTEC ODE MK2, which uses an ethernet coord to connect to the computer.

NOTE: It also required I reconfigure the ENTTEC settings so that my computer and the VDMX5 software could locate the ENTTEC ODE MK2. This I did with the help of an ENTTEC customer service rep who guided me through the process in the online ENTTEC ODE MK2 web control.