HID, alternative to PS3 controller?

I used a PS3 controller via Bluetooth and HID input plugin to control VDMX in the past. Now that I’m running the newer macOS it’s not an option (as far as I know). Is there a handheld controller that plays nice with Mac and VDMX out there? I use TouchOSC and a Korg mini as well, but that game controller was ideal.

Hi, I’ve just gone through this and tested a bunch of controllers (see IG post linked below). Basically you have a couple of choices from 8BitDo. The SN30 Pro Bluetooth (Nintendo style) and the one you want the Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller (PS3 style). Both work natively wired and wireless. You can have two controllers running at the same time on macOS.

I’ve used the 8BitDo controllers with a Unity game embedded in VDMX using syphon.

Tip: The macOS default game controller profile which has “Start/Stop Recording” bound to a “Double Press” on the start button! To disable this just create a new profile and turn off “Start/Stop Recording” also turn off “Press and Hold”.



… also don’t forget the Wii Remote which is always fun :)

Thanks for the great info!

Just what I was looking for.

The 8BitDo SN30 pro is a hit! Except… the d pad (up down left right) is not detectable in VDMX. All other buttons can be “detected” but the arrows won’t trigger anything. A seriously cool controller other than this weirdness. Anyone else have this issue or a work around?

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Will test the d pad on mine later.

Any luck? I still can’t get any d pad input on mine

The 8BitDo SN30 pro is an excellent controller. Works well. With VDMX, the HID inputs work great, yet the d-pad is not easy to play with. For the D-pad, or the 4 arrow buttons, the controller sends a signal /HID Input 1/Hat switch. Not separate buttons, like the abxy buttons on the right. The controller is sending 0 until an arrow is pushed, and then sends a signal that is either is 0.143 (left), or 0.429(down), or 0.714(right), or 1(up), and only when held. So I guess the “Hat switch” will switch to one of the amounts above when a button is pushed and then default back to 0 when let go. Trying to figure out how to do some sort of threshold switch for 4 buttons in VDMX…