HELP! Black Screen Audio Midi Setup Enabled Ipad As Vid In Source



I can see my Ipad Screen on Vdmx when connected as Vid In source… everything is fine…
I need to send audio and midi from Ipad to the DAW (Ableton, Logic Pro, etc.)
For that, I am connecting Ipad to Mac through Audio Midi Setup (AMS) via USB C.

When I did this … when I enabled Ipad on the AMS,
Ipad screen turning BLACK on Vdmx.

The same problem occurs with OBS instead of Vdmx.

Does anybody have an idea how I can fix this?
I want to use the iPad screen as a video source when it is enabled on AMS.

My system:

M1 Mac Mini Ventura
Ipad Pro 11 Ipad Os 16



Someone else might have more specifics about this, but it sounds like when you use the data connection to get iPad audio, it stops sending video over the lightning port.

Maybe there’s an iPad A/V hub with HDMI out? Then use an HDMI USB capture card to get your video in? (A $10 capture device works fine for iPad resolutions).

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I don’t know if I understood well because I don’t speak English
Hope this helps a bit

The captured image is fixed in one of the two programs.
I understand that audio can be output simultaneously using a virtual program.
Download and test the demo from the link above.

ipad can be realized wirelessly using airserver and syphon.(5g wifi recommended)

sorry if i misunderstood

wish you success