Have yall seen this?

Has anyone used VDMX with a ATEM mini using the webcam output?

Very very curious about your results (particularly stability and latency)



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Ahhhh, last time I checked they were still pre-order only… this is on our list of gear to buy for the office to test with ;)

Oh, they are still just in pre-order… scheduled to ship in November. I’ll keep you posted!

Can VDMX5 output to OBS with Syphon for webcasting?

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Yup. Works well. Did a 4hr live stream on Friday with that setup.

Did you get your hands on one? I know the supply chain has been pretty slow at fulfilling orders.

Planning to grab on next month.

I did get one, and it works very well! Highly recommended if you can get your hands on one.


I have two these, been working with for a few months.

Good: The HDMI switching is good, great. Standalone the units are awesome. Build, operation, stability, excellent. Latency in-unit is for me good.

Annoying: The switchers can’t be remote controlled by MIDI directly. There are workarounds (AtemOSC) but for me the workarounds are unstable, and super fiddly also in use, not just in setup. AtemOSC can’t control multiple units. When VDMX is opened/quit, AtemOSC looses connection to units. Consistently. It was a mess of endlessly restarting apps, painful in rehearsals, totally not doable for live contexts.

Worst, however: The USB webcam connection is NOT good enough for me. It works, is stable, but the latency is really, really bad. Particularly if more devices are on the bus. Most annoyingly, the latency then DRIFTS, so can’t even offset it to sync with music for streaming if that was a possibility. I ended up for now using a separate hardware solution (elgato game capture hd60 s) to bring the HDMI signal directly in, this device also has latency but not as bad as the Atems and not as “drifty”. This still isn’t optimal, I’m still researching solutions.

If I can get the Atems to switch hasslefree with MIDI and their input to VDMX down to a stable few frames latency, then these units are paradise in a box, but alas, not yet.

These experiences are on my current 2016 model Macbook Pro, which admittedly is a bit long in the tooth today. I’m probably soon going for a 2020 MBP with the 5600 AMD. MAYBE a more powerful system will help with general latency, but I have a suspicion that for the Atems, latency is a USB bus issue more than a total system issue.