HAP Q, Max possible quality, still artifacting


Hey guys, I have some glitch/noisy footage which I am converting from DXV to HAP Q.

No matter what I do, the HAP Q footage is turning out pixelated and grainy, at triple the file sizes. This is using the latest build of HAP, in adobe media converter, doing straight conversion between the two. No combination of maximum possibility quality, chunk size, standard hap/hap q/q alpha will change this. I’ve ran out of possible combinations to test, and the hap footage all looks bad. Is there any way to juice more out of the HAP codec or am I running into a wall some of you have met before?

Image attached below, DXV original on the left, HAPq max quality on the right.



What if you try an FFMpeg encoder such as FF.Works? https://www.ffworks.net/

AME is not very supportive of 3rd party codecs (HAP and DXV), in the latest M1 versions, they don’t work at all.



Thanks for the tip, I had come across ff.works and used the 5 trial runs at max settings, with similar results. Significantly larger files with poor handling of single pixel wide diagonal shades and noisy areas. Its been quite a few years since having to get this deep into the woods with transcoding. Are there any other encoders I should try?



Let me know if you find out. Seems like most of the big brand (Adobe, Apple Compressor) seem to favor the AVFoundation approah or less options and codecs. If you come across any other alternatives for me, please let us all know. FF.works is a nice FFMPEG GUI with a list of features, but it’s missing some important ones (such as easy output folder adjustments for each video, or batch videos. It doesn’t have a Manual and the list of GUI options can seem endless and all over the place), and sometimes it still exports videos in av01 which means you can reexport and MP4 that’s not compatabile with AVFoundation’s quick preview or Quicktime Player X (It will still play, but may take a while to load).

Maybe AVF Batch converter will get a new version in the future?



Hi ! Could you share a DXV file with only one such frame ? To make tests.

Are you running native Apple Silicon (for example the M1 chip) ?




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