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I guess Media Sharing is the the best place to post this?? If not can Admin move it?

This was shared in the Facebook VDMX User Group but thought it worth while resharing it here. I have not horse in this race just think it’s a useful tool if you are using HAP encoded footage. One of the issues I have is you can’t easily playback you HAP clips without launching VDMX as HAP is not working inside QuickTime (well it ain’t for me).

Seems to work ok. Tho I found a few clips I have causes issues. "Error loading file (More than 1 STTS video entry)" Those clips play fine in VDMX.

From the original post on FB:

We are proud to announce, Jokyo HAP Player
A new app dedicated to hap quality control.
Support all hap flavours including the new HAP-R codec.
Now available in beta for macos and windows.



Hm, thanks for sharing. I came across a similar software for reviewing clips/assets, though more extensive as it supports a bunch of other stuff as well: “DJV provides professional review software for VFX, animation, and film production. Playback high resolution, high bit-depth, image sequences and videos, with frame accurate control and color management.”

I haven’t really tried it myself to know if it works well, but it does also read HAP.



I also recommend DJV View, it is truly amazing everyone should get it for all kinds of audio and video files

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I’ve been using VLC or IINA and setting the one I have on the machine I’m using to be the default media player for HAP - but maybe this is neater so excited to try it ! thanks for the recommendation. DT



in case useful to anyone, no idea how well known this is, but I like adding apps to my finder toolbar for easy drag and drop of files into specific apps - some times quicker than a right/ctrl click

to customise ctrl click in the top of a finder window and choose customise to move things about

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Another way is to make a HAP player in Vuo. I made a drag-and-drop app that auto-plays the clip and shows basic metadata. A nice simple Vuo project for anyone trying out the framework.




Hap codec recognition works well



ah nice idea ! will give this a try :)




As a conceptor of Jokyo HAP Player,
i will add few informations :
The problem reported by admrobrts, is now fixed on the current version
(the error is about variable frame rate, which is now supported)

The reason why we choose to develop this player, is because other file players
mainly use ffmpeg decoding tech underhood, and are not optimized for HAP reading (HAP decoding is fully made on cpu)
For not too huge resolution it’s not a big deal, but when resolution increase it’s quickly become a problem.

The other reason, is that other players, didn’t easily let to play audio using separate audio file
In lot of HAP use, audio is separated on a wav file.

Another advantage is support of the high quality HAPR codec in Jokyo HAP Player.