HAP - Encoding/Transcoding - Fastest way?


Have a HAP/Hardware question

Trying to work out the fastest method for Transcoding/Encoding HAPQ files.

Working on a show that has multiple (x17) large res show files with a run-time of over 1 hour. Currently developing our workflow pipeline and we are planning to build a PC specifically for transcoding image sequences into our HAP showfiles.

Will the transcoding process of HAP scale with the number of cores in a machine?
do you start to loose any benefits from more cores above a specific core number?

Currently planning to use Premiere>MediaEncoder+AfterCodecs.
Would like to avoid using just straight Ffmpeg in the command line, not as comfortable and in a high pressure delivery environments on site would want to avoid that - but open to it if its the best option.

Looking at building a 64core or 32core Threadripper PC.
(link below) Reading through Pudget system reports on 64core Threadripper. Premiere sees diminishing returns at that high a core count. Im wanting to confirm whether HAP encoding would experience similar thing?