Hackintosh it!

Building off the windows port thread, I’m starting up a hackintosh project that I neglected for the past few months. i7 6700K, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080. Anyone have any experience running VDMX on hackintosh before? What were your results? Pitfalls?

I’ll post results once its up and running ;)



I use VDMX on hackintosh, and everything work perfectly.

My PC spec
Core i7-8700k
Giga 370n wifi/bluetooth card mod (replaced to Dell DW1560)
Zotac GTX1080 mini
WD Black M.2 SSD

If you don’t have nvidia card yet, I recommend to buy radeon card, cuz Mac OS support radeon card natively and latest nvidia
web driver is not support Mojave and new RTX card.


You have it all packed into that little case? Jeleous.

I have a honking tower,
Nvidia gtx 960

Probably should upgrade the video card at some point, but still the fastest machine I own. I did have some issues recently with clover getting overwritten and now it seems to take a bit long to load and has an occasional reboot :(. Probably need to reinstall clover. My biggest headache has been having windows 10 and Linux on it. It seems every time there is a big update one of the os’s wrecks the boot’s

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I build myself studio/occasional bigger gig machine in the dan cases a4-sfx v2 case

Gigabyte GA-Z270N-WIFI
i7 7700k
32gb ram
NVME SSD + 2 sata SSD’s
wifi&bluetooth ok

It has worked pretty much flawlessly almost a year now


nice setup… can u pass me the model of this screen pls?