Grouped layers don't keep the alpha

Hi, I’ve masked a layer with another layer using the Layer Mask effect. Then I grouped the two layers and the part that was transparent is now black. Even if I hide the two layers inside the group, the group is still black. I’ve found somewhere under an update of vdmx that an issue had been solved: “slight changes to how alpha is handled under some circumstances to prevent empty groups from “blacking out” stuff under them”. I wonder if I’m encountering the same issue, still present…

In case you haven’t tried this, try setting the group blend mode to VVSourceAtop?


I hadn’t tried this, I did it now. Setting the group blend mode to VVSourceAtop doesn’t work, but it works if I set the masked layer INSIDE the group to VVSourceAtop. Great suggestion, thanks a lot.

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This bites me every time I come across it. And I don’t come across it often enough to remember the rule, “Alpha passthrough must have all layers and group VVSourceAtop”.