Green screen: analog or digital?


looking to make a virtual background via a webcam (like behind myself for a built in cam, or outside of dj gear from 2nd cam).
do i need physical green screen materials, or is there some kind of feature or plugin that can provide this function? searched around and it seems like chroma mask with a real green screen is the way to go. zoom and photo booth make it look easy though, so maybe there’s a software based way to do this.



Maybe you could also try an Xbox Kinect sensor. It would allow you to detect a “player” (body) and then you can use that body shape as a mask for the virtual background or other FX. This way you wouldn’t need a background, but I think it depends on your physical setup, because you will need to place the sensor to see at least half the body to ‘lock-in’ and stay put. Here is the resource on the software that lets you do that:

There’s also a small KinectMask2Syphon app that was made for Millium but It should work with VDMX since it just outputs a syphon. ( And this one works simply on Depth rather than body tracking.



oh thanks, i did some digging on kinect and thought it is windows only.