GPU performance w more monitor pixels?


Wondering if my logic is broken.

Will vdmx have lower performance if i have my gpu driving larger displays / more pixels? My logic says that the more pixels my gpu is driving the less resources it has for vdmx.

or is driving more pixels a gpu ram issue vs using gpu cycles?


typically I reduced my mpb monitor from normal retina resolution to 1x pixel count. I also just upgraded my external monitor from 1440p 27" -> 4k 32" and my logic makes me worried that driving the 4k monitor higher than 1440p will mean lower performance with vdmx.

point of ref - ive been normally running 2-3x 1080p layers, an internal mix feedback layer and obs encode using intel quicksync hardware encoder.
on 16’mbp i9. 5500m gpu 8gb