GLSL Sandbox import into ISF Editor Not working on Windows


On the latest version. Shadertoy import works flawlessly but not GLSL Sandbox import.

can’t get anything on GLSLSandbox to import. Any shader I try gives the same error:
Error: downloaded data is empty



I’m assuming GLSLSandbox modified their site in someway with disabled the fetch conversion function in ISF Editor. It would take a new version of ISF editor to fix that. Feel free to read up on ISF shaders, and you can copy/modify the code in the ISF editor manually.

Make sure to give credit, after all someone else took the time to write that code, the least you could do is credit them for it.



Thank you for your response. I greatly value the ISF editor and code written, thanks so much for your contributions. Hopefully the new version of ISF editor fixes this issue.

Also would be great if I feature was implemented that allows copy paste of the code needed for conversion instead of accessing the api.