Global change to name of audio analysis device in a project over all presets

Hello everyone,
I need to change the audio analysis device in a project from a webcam to another external mic - without having to manually change over 100 presets that use it, is there a way in preferences or somewhere else this can be easily done ? thanks

The audio analysis source is not attached to the presets, you can change the source inputs and outputs from the plugin inspector under workspace manager. Select the audio analysis plugin you want to change, then change the desired input or output. Update your preset and it will be saved.

I have 100 presets in one project - so must open each one, change device and save ?

You said, " audio analysis device in a project from a webcam to another external mic…"

If you follow the aforementioned comment, and change your input device from your webcam to an external mic for your Audio Analysis plugin, then it doesn’t matter how many presets you have, it will use the same source. As I previously mention, the audio analysis source is not attached to your preset values, only your workspace preset.

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Hi @TokenEditor

I’m posting here so others can search for it in the future. To summarize. The issue you are having is Audio Analysis is preset to a specific source in each of your workspace presets (60 total). A fast solution to modifying this is to change the settings in the workspace inspect for the preset to not restore / change the current settings.

For your project, I left preset 1 (used the 1 number key on your keyboard to trigger), as the defaul. I set that to use the built in microphone, from there if I trigger any other presets this will not change. If you want to restore the window position for each, there’s an option to do so as well.

This is a fast way to modify any preset to not update. With this method, If you want to adjust the default audio source, simply update the first preset with your desired audio source, and the rest will follow.