Gig report - Oscillator - 50 years of dance - Doornroosje Nijmegen

I’m a light designer and head of lights in Doornroosje, a live venue in Nijmegen, Netherlands. To celebrate her 50th birthday, we had a club night from 22:00 till 10:00, with a nice collection of techno artist. This is a perfect venue for live concerts… but we miss the club feeling that you need on nights like this. For this occasion I finally got the freedom and the budget to take the whole rig apart and move all the fixtures from the stage to the room.

To compliment the lighting rig, I rented 220 meters Martin VDO Skeptron LED strips, all controlled by two Martin P3-300 video controllers. In the back I had two Panasonic projectors which I mostly used for branding (showing the Oscillator logo) and artist names. All dovided bij a Datapath X4… I love this litle black box.

The rig was devided in two sections, front and back. Every strip pixel was a real world pixel. So 1280 x 800 was the front part, and 1280 x 800 the back part. Projectors were 2560 x 800. So in VDMX, had a main ouput of 1280 x 1600 for the strips, andv a sub output of 2560 x 800 for the projectors, resulting in 4k :-)

This was all running from one mid 2015 macbook pro with the AMD radeon on board, running on his teeth :-)

The light rig is controlled bij a GrandMA2 light. This outputs ArtNet to VDMX, so bumping from lights to video was pretty intense.



Some pictures…


Plot and rig for the next one…